Saturday, February 5, 2011

Starting the Adventure

Hey Everyone!
I have never kept a steady blog before, but I am so excited about starting this new journey with all of you. The task I am giving to myself is simple, but challenging: Look Inside. It is so easy in our busy, stressful lives to see something and judge it or look past its true beauty. Think back to this weekend, we were all so excited for snow so we could get out of class and then quickly annoyed that it wasn't enough... but how many of us took time to enjoy the beauty of the snow flakes fall through God's sky?

I want to make this blog about discovery. We are so blessed to live in God's world but spend so little time delving deeper into it as our special gift. Whether looking inside people, circumstances, or nature, I want to use this blog to find God's blessings.

Earlier this week, I asked God to show me, somehow, that I was of value. I prayed that He would reach out and just boldly tell me that I was doing something right and should keep going forward. Later that day, I went to work and was reading a book to a precious little girl. We have read this book a thousand times, so it was nothing new or out of the ordinary until she turned around with a smile as big as the sun and said, "Thanks for reading to me, I love you." Praise God for always answering prayers! I felt His comfort and heard Him whisper, "You are here for a reason. Do not doubt, I love you."

There is so much left to discover. Look inside yourself, in others, and in God. I can't wait to see what we find.

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